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View all user memos

Added by Miodrag Milic over 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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Is this possible to do now ?
If not, could it be added ?


BTW, is it possible to get your theme from somewhere ?

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Updated by Tomohisa Kusukawa over 9 years ago

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If you didn't use WorkTime tab in the project page,
Please try following.

1. Role setting
menu[Administration]-[Roles and permissions]
select a role.
Check [View work time tab], [View work time other member]
[Save] button

2. Make project
Make new project or select existing project.
[Settings] tab -> [Modules] tab
check [WorkTime] in the Modules tab
and add all members to the project at [Members]tab.

3. WorkTime tab
Then, you can see [WorkTime]tab in the project page.
And you can select other user by select field
that is upper-right-side and bottom-left-side of the WorkTime tab page.

Actions #2

Updated by Miodrag Milic over 9 years ago

It looks like I used bad choice of words.

I know that I can see worktime of other users.

But is there a screen that present all my own memos. Currently memo list only shows when I go to specific month. I also have next memo. But I want list of all my memos on all my projects so I can quickly find it.

Actions #3

Updated by Tomohisa Kusukawa over 9 years ago

There is no screen which can look through all the memos.

Of course, you can develop that function by fork etc. It's great!:)

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Updated by Tomohisa Kusukawa about 9 years ago

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