Defect #1235

Updated by Tomohisa Kusukawa about 8 years ago

+My goal :+ 

 Place a table of issues in a wiki page, using a custom query. 
 That custom query requires to sort the list by ascending subjects. 

 e.g. : {{ref_issues(-i=138)}} 

 The custom query with id 138 is set so than trackers are sorted by ascending subjects. 
 In the _Issues_ tab, the list of trackers shown with that custom query is perfectly sorted.  

 +The actual behaviour:+ 

 In the wiki page, the sorting seems to be random, and doesn't follow the custom query specification. 


 While editing the wiki page, the preview of that wiki page shows a correctly sorted table of trackers. 
 But when saving that wiki page, the issues table get completely unsorted.